Hollydale Traffic School Online with GAMES and CARTOONS only $13.50! DMV License E1904

Hollydale Traffic School Online that is actually FUN!

Most Hollydale California Online Traffic Schools are dry text and testing.

Your traffic school completion certificate will be electronically submitted directly into the court INSTANTLY WITHIN MINUTES of your completion for ALL CALIFORNIA COUNTIES!!!!

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We are the only online Hollydale traffic school with funny, HIGH QUALITY, animated CARTOONS and CARTOON GAMES throughout our program.


Other online traffic schools have hidden fees for services such as same day processing and creating your traffic school completion certificate or creating a completion confirmation. The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School online program for Hollydale traffic school is only $13.50 COMPLETE, with absolutely NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.


Eligibility requirements for Los Angeles County Traffic School:

Traffic school attendance is a program that allows certain moving violators to receive instruction in driving and driving safety. To be eligible for Hollydale traffic school:
  • The violation must be eligible for Hollydale traffic school;
  • You have not attended traffic school on another citation issued within the last 18 months of your current citation;
  • You must submit proof of correction for any mechanical, registration, driver's license or insurance violations. Citations that contain ONLY these types or violations are not eligible for Hollydale traffic school.
To attend Hollydale traffic school, both the citation bail amount and a non-refundable administrative fee must be paid before the court allows enrollment. Traffic school fees are non-refundable. There is an additional fee to attend the The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School Traffic School program for Avocado Heights.

There are four alternatives for paying Hollydale traffic school fees:

Upon receipt of the traffic school fees, the Clerk's Office will provide you with a form that lists the due date. You will be given 64 days to complete the The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School Los Angeles County traffic school program. If your certificate is electronically submitted into the court by your traffic school due date, the citation will be dismissed by the Court and reported to DMV as a Hollydale traffic school Dismissal.

If you sign up for Hollydale traffic school and fail to complete traffic school by the due date, the traffic school fee you paid will be deemed as bail and forfeited; DMV will be notified of the conviction.


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Our program is now
compatible with iPads!


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